To whom it may concern:

Jokela Auction made dealing with my late father’s estate much more manageable than I thought it could be.

We sold the house with outbuildings and approx. 5 acres, vehicles (including collector vehicles), furniture, tools, boat, sporting goods, guns, 4-wheeler, mower, camper, trailers, and all other household goods at auction. Jokela advised us on getting the property ready: both the real estate and all personal property; they also took care of most of the miscellaneous items to get the real estate ready to sell (septic tank inspection, for example). David, Jolene, and Randy were all incredibly helpful in making sure we had all our ducks in a row legally to prepare for the sale of the real estate (and everything else!). We did not worry about a thing in preparing for the auction: all we had to do was get the personal property organized as best we could. In the days just before the auction they were all very helpful and were very available to answer last min. questions and advise set up.

By far the biggest relief was the day of the auction itself: we didn’t have to be there: Jokela handled EVERYTHING! As soon as we were done with the last of the organization of personal property, we were basically done. It was, as I said, a huge relief to be done with ALL of the property at once. There was the closing of the real estate a bit later, and some other minor paperwork sort of things, but that was IT. 

Going into the auction process, we knew nothing about auctions or what they entailed, and the folks at Jokela made it clear and as easy as it could be under the circumstances. I cannot even imagine how we could have done it another way! 
We were so happy with the job David, Jolene, Randy and their crew did. I highly recommend them and wouldn’t use anyone else if I needed auction services again. 

Adriane C.
Moorhead, MN

We were faced with a massive estate auction that included the real estate, a homestead and 80 acres. We called on Jokela Auctions based on their reputation. They counseled us patiently regarding how to display the items, arrange the yard and parking, choose the best date and time, food service set-up and a zillion other matters that we hadn’t even thought of. They’re popular and entertaining auctioneers which encourages a lot of people to attend. They have proved to be honest and trustworthy. They worked hard all day without a complaint! I was very satisfied with the price of not only the personal items, but with the real estate as well. I don’t know what else you could ask of auctioneers. They have my respect and admiration. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a professional auction company.

Mary R.
Brainerd, MN

To Whom It May Concern:

My father lived in Bemidji, MN and when he passed away, we knew we would need assistance in the handling of his estate. We reviewed the various auction houses that were available in the area. After meeting with Dave Veo from Jokela Auction Company we decided to proceed with them.

It was a great decision. They provided ongoing assistance during the months leading up to the auction. My father had real estate, land, a lot of vehicles – cars, motorcycles, trucks, farm tractors, and even two airplanes – as well as miscellaneous household and farm items. Jokela Auction assisted us with the DMV process to bring the paperwork current for quick handling. They also provided some labor to help with the clean-up work.

Jokela Auction worked to ensure the estate was advertised with flyers and on websites. They even personally called people that they felt would be interested in some of the items that were going to be auctioned.

On the day of the auction, they arrived on time and were quick to get their equipment set up. There was a good size crowd, thanks to the amount of advertising. The auction itself was handled extremely professionally. The accounting for the items sold was very thorough and payment was quick.

I would definitely recommend utilizing Jokela Auction Co. for their professionalism, knowledge of the industry, and assistance in liquidating the estate.

Debbie N.
San Diego, CA

Dave, Jolene & Randy,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t begin to tell you how thankful we are!
I was thrilled that the house sold, and for a good price! If you ever need a reference, please contact me by email or on my cell.  I so appreciate all of you.

Marty W.
Corsicana, TX 

My family has bought from Jokela Auctions for over 50 years.  Last summer we had the great experience to be on the selling end of their professional, friendly knowledge of the auction market in northern Minnesota when we sold the contents of our lake home in Park Rapids.  Our accumulation filled the Jokela’s pavilion and was a fun day spent with Jolene, Dave and Randy.  We could not have been happier with the outcome. 

Mary Anne M.
Park Rapids, MN – Denver, CO

Hi Jolene,

I just wanted to send you a quick email to tell you and your family thank-you!  The amount you sold our items for exceeded our expectations.  This was our first real auction; we never realized how hard the auctioneers work! You all did a great job and it was fun listening to you! Thanks again to you and your family and we hope to do more business with you in the future.

Jeff and Joleen C.
Coon Rapids, MN

Hi David & Jolene

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the exceptional manner in which you conducted the auction today. Your representation and knowledge of my firearms was outstanding, and they fetched a very good price. This was my first exposure to an auction and I want to thank you for making it such a pleasant experience.  I think we both had a good day.

Don B.
Park Rapids, MN

Jolene and David,

Thank you very much for everything from getting me a good trucker to get my items out of here to auctioning of my things and getting me very satisfying prices. I received the check! You are an amazing team! Willie and I always enjoyed your auctions.
Take care and God Bless!

Karen & Willie P.
Hackensack, MN

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