Lot 226

Wooden Plant Stand and Assorted Figurines

Natural wooden plant stand with five shelf bases - five post base - 19" W x 20" D; base - 36" W at longest stand point - 52" H - Two metal bronze or golden colored deer figurines (6") - one ceramic wren figurine - three dragonfly magnets - one butterfly with rafia twisted attachment tail - Ceramic Eskimo child with dangling legs that is shaped as a bell and can function as an ornamental bell - two wooden carved figurines (man and woman) - one porcelain shoe (5") - one Yesterday's Child Dollstone Collection ceramic girl playing violin figurine with dog (8E/3604 - I wanna be series #10) - One Ceramic Cherished moments decorative tea set (Sewing machine Tea Pot with removable lid - Yarn Basket Sugar container with removable lid - Girl Creamer with removable lid - two spool tea cups - two doily saucers - Entire set fits in a 6" L x 4" W ceramic plate depicting a wooden floor - Decorative only, non-functional) - three bone china skunk figurines made in Japan (1") - One Ceramic Parrot on a tree stump (4") - One rock with Loon etching (2") - One wooden dove on a flower bush signed by Diane J. Robbie (8" W x 7.5" H) - One porcelain Dumbo figurine (5") - One ceramic German Shepard figurine (3") - Set of ceramic coil figurines (2" - Monkey - Racoon- Pig) - One Stoneware Old Fashined Santa with backpack - hollow and corked side (8.5") - One Snow Lady with Knit Scarf and Hat on Ceramic base with winter scene (Foam Snow Lady) (13" H x 5" W) - One Ceramic snowman (3") - One acrylic cardinal lit snow globe with glitter (3") - One Snow Globe with two Christmas Geese on wooden base (6" H x 4" W) - One Santa Snow globe on ceramic castle base (2.5" H x 1.75" W) - One ceramic winter cabin scene with acrylic removable dome (4"W x 5" H)

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