Lot 33

Assorted Collectable Ceramic Dolls and display cabinet/shelf

14 Story Book Dolls by Nancy Ann - Wee Dolls complete with boxes/pamphlets and most with box labels depicting doll and number as well as plastic heart standers (57 American Girl Series Southern Bell - 80 Family Series Margie Ann - 110 Little Miss Sweet Miss Blessings Light On You - 111 Here am I Little Joan When nobody's with me Im alone - 114 Over the hills to grandmas house (2 - 1 with broken arm connections) - 115 Little boy blue come blow your horn - 116 Little red riding hood went through the woods (one broken arm attachment - all pieces included) - 118 Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet - 131 Elsie Marley Grown so fine she won't get up till 8 or 9 - 132 when she was good she was very very good - 159 ring a round a rosy pocket full of posy - 187 Doll of the month series A January Merry Maid for New Year - 188 Doll of the month series a February Fairy Girl for Ice and snow - 1 Antique Pincushion Doll Marked KG 1925, 20s Art Deco Flapper Half Doll Pin Cushion, 1920s Chalkware Boudoir Half Doll, Vanity Dresser Doll minus lower dress - 1 unknown ceramic doll similar to a Story Book Doll - 3 tier bowfront shelf with front glass cabinet - shelves are all fixed postion - ornate design (20" W x 8" D x 23" H)

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