Lot 125

3 space heaters

Two Comfort Zone ceramic heaters with fan only option - 1300W 45 degree Oscillating Ceramic Heater CZ446WM - It has an adjustable thermostat with 3 settings - High Heat Low Heat - fan - for all seasons - has a safety tip-over switch and a high-limit safety fuse to give you peace of mind especially when leaving it on for extended periods of time - 4437 BTU�s - 6.50 x 5.00 x 9.50 Inches - Vornado MVH Whole room Vortex Heater Model EH1-0005 evx with turn dial thermostat - fan and heat control to auto/low/high and dedicated switch - 120V - 1500 W - Thermostat button is functional but likes to jump off turnpost

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