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Native American & Western Primitives  -  Live Auction

Starts: Sun, May 19 at 11:00 AM US/Central


Native American & Western Primitives


Location: Detroit Lakes, MN Holiday Inn, Hwy #10 East.

Sunday, May 19th, 2019
Auction Starts at 11am. Lunch Available

Note: Join us for this interesting and unique auction! Features items from 3 Estates!
Vintage & some contemporary, approximately 250 items!

Antique & Black Powder Firearms & Related (No transfer required):
US Springfield 1873 45-70 Trapdoor Army rifle, excellent, w/bayonet & sling;
Lock marked US Springfield. Breach block marked US model 1873, very rare 1877 ESA cartouche in full military configuration;
(2) Other 1873 US Springfield 45-70 Trapdoor Army Rifles and bayonet;
US Springfield Model 1873 Trapdoor, Carbine style rifle, as is (bbl is plugged);
Circa 1850 smooth bore, muzzle loading BP hunting rifle, approx. .69 caliber;
Baker Gun Co. Batavia Leader 12 ga. double barrel shotgun;
Ultra-Hi .45 caliber Flintlock black powder rifle;
Traditions .50 caliber Flintlock black powder rifle;
New Impact .50 caliber Muzzleloader w/complete starter kit.
CVA .50 caliber Hawken style percussion black powder rifle;
Uberti Police 1862 .36 caliber black powder revolver, NIB;
Jukar .45 caliber percussion cap octagon barrel rifle w/36 brass tacks;
Beautiful Native American gun cases, beaded, fringed with feathers;

Sabers: Civil War US Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber, blade marked “US”;
Marked CSA, patterned after 1860 Light Cavalry Saber;

Native American Items: 1895 Iroquois beaded Wall Pocket, beautiful!
Chippewa Beaded Beartooth Necklace; Black Bear skin quiver;
Chippewa beaded high-top Moccasins;
Dakota Sioux leather beaded & fringed Peace Pipe bag;
Dakota Sioux unusual felt beaded & leather trim/fringed bag;
Incredible Chippewa 38” “Tree of Life” Pipe Bag, beaded & buttons, 60 yrs old;
Signed Kokopelli Dolls, carved wooden; (2) Snookum Dolls;
Sioux fringed Medicine bag; Sioux & other Fetishes;
Brass Peace Pipe Tomahawk, works; Gourd Dance Rattle;
Dakota Sioux Beaded, fringed quiver w/2 arrows;
Dakota Sioux beaded Headband;
Shoshone fully beaded Medicine Bottles;
Turtle dance rattle, Dakota Sioux Turtle Clan;
Native American made, Reed, Duck Decoys, reed
Chippewa woven willow gathering basket & others;
Crow Tribe personal antler pipes; Apache coil baskets;
Youth Jingle Dress, like new; Tanned Leather Deer skin;
(6) Sweetgrass braids; Abalone shell for smudging;

Arrowheads/Points: Nice selection of framed Arrowheads, Lg Spear Points, other Projectile Points & Debitage (from various locations); Incl Scrapers plus Fish & small Bird Points; (4) Rare Obsidian Arrowheads; (3) Jagged Fish Spear Points w/case;
Red Pipestone Pipe (titled Plains T-bowl Pipe, chosen for color);

Jewelry: Beautiful Bear Claw Necklace strung on sinew, 20 claws, 2 canines, Old Kingman turquoise nuggets, Buffalo horn & handmade Sterling Silver beads;
Turquoise Nugget Necklaces, blue or green;
Navajo Fetish Necklaces, 5-strand, beautiful;
Chevron trade-bead strands; Variety of Western & Native A Bolo ties; Pewter Hat Pins;
Unusual Old Chippewa beaded Child’s necklace;
Navajo beaded bracelet, earring sets; Chippewa beaded Star;

Blankets: Native American fleece blankets, End of Trail or Turtle; Other Trade blankets;

Artwork: Gorgeous Wolf – Turquoise 22” Native American Bronze on Walnut base, Artist Montabo, Cody, WY (pre-auction estimate, $1100);
White Earth Reservation pencil etching Trilogy of Schools, artist signed;
1988 National Wildlife Fed Porcelain Grizzly on stand, MT;
Old “Custer’s Last Stand” by McBarron (American Oil Co. print);
Original Artwork on canvas by Greer, Minot, ND;
“The Blanket” dated 1928, color print by Couse, Santa Fe, NM;
Cowboy Chuck Wagon Lunch, by Derk, 32x26”, framed;
Native American color print by Jackson Beardy, Manitoba;

Cowboy ~ Western Collectibles:
Custom Cowboy Stock Saddle, R.T. Frazier Maker, Pueblo, CO,
15”, fully tooled, double rigged, all original, stamped #182, ordered new, over 110 years ago by Henry Haugen, born 1891, Western ND Ranch Cowboy (engraved HH initials); Provenance available from family! Also, bridle, old spurs & cream can saddle stand from family!

US Cavalry 16” Stock Saddle, authentic, double rigged, leather wrapped horn, stamped on skirt US Cavalry, nice & solid!

Old McClelland US Cavalry Saddle, 11”, brass tag;
Original US Cavalry Leather Holster,
Handcrafted Rattlesnake Holster;
Brass tacked custom holster “Hunter Co.”;
Civil War Knives – US stamped Silverware; Hand forged iron utensils;
Large Buffalo Skull with horns;
Old Time Fur Traders Bullet Bag, Two Harbor’s Museum;
Civil War era Handcuffs w/key; Buffalo Horn snuff box, nicely hinged;
Trapper’s Pipe w/bone stem & Pipestone bowl;
Horse-shoe boot jack, “Tombstone”;
Rare Pewter Fur Trader’s piece; Buffalo Horn powder horn w/brass charger;
Mint Cowboy Game, circa 1950’s; Jar of marbles;
Old Colonial Clay Pipe; Old cast Hoof knives; Steer Horns;
Brass Pony Express Stagecoach Telescope;
Rare Brass Mechanical “CSA” Telescope (Stanley, London);
Civil War Newspapers, 1862 & 1864;

Coins/Tokens: (10) Morgan Silver Dollars, various dates & mints;
(12) Liberty Head V Nickels; (10) Indian Head Nickels;
(10) Buffalo Nickels; Confederate Civil War 1860 Half Dollar;
JFK Coin with COA; (114) Wheat Pennies;
Civil War Coin with COA; Buffalo Indian Coin, 1876;
US Dept of Indian Affairs $5 token; (12) Indian Head Pennies;
Golden Punch out Coin, 1902; Hudson Bay Fur Traders Pewter-Beaver Trade Piece;

Trap: Victor #4 Wolf Trap, dated 1911;
Partial Listing Only-much more!

Coming: Huge 41st Annual HEADWATERS
July 4 – 5 - 6 Jokela ProWest/Chad Berger-Dakota Rodeo Livestock

Terms: Cash, check w/photo ID, Visa or Mastercard with administrative fee. Register for bidding number with driver’s license. Sales Tax applies, 5% Buyers Premium.

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