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May Gun Auction  -  Live Auction

Starts: Sun, May 23 at 10:30 AM US/Central

Location: Detroit Lakes, MN Holiday Inn, 1155 Hwy 10 East.
Sunday, May 23rd, 2021

Auction Starts at 10:30am
Preview 10am - Guns sell approx. 12:30pm.

Send list now to
or Call Dave at 218-280-9796.

This auction will include firearms from several estates
& other private collectors.

Additional consignments daily, watch for updates!

Latest Consignments: Ruger mark III stainless hunter .22 semi auto never fired; Glock G22 gen 4 40 cal semi auto never fired;
EA/R Windicator 357 mag revolver with 2" barrel never fired;
Sig Sauer P320 9mm semi auto never fired;
Sig Sauer P938 9mm semi auto never fired;
Sig Sauer P226 9mm semi auto made in Germany like new;
Sig Sauer P229 40 cal semi auto made in Germany very good condition;
Franchi Affinity 12 gauge semi auto w/synthetic stock never fired;
Savage 69RXL 12ga. pump;
Mossberg 200K 12ga. pump;
Mossberg 510 410 bore pump;
Mossberg 185D 20ga. bolt;
Henry H010G 45-70 Lever N.I.B.;
Remington V3 12ga. Semi-Auto, Nice Wood, 28” Vent Rib barrel, like new;
Mossberg 88 20ga. pump shotgun;
Belgium FN H SBS 12ga. Side x Side shotgun, solid rib barrels;

Model 1886 38-56 WCF cal. 26” Octagon Barrel Rifle;
Model 1892 25-20 WCF cal. 24” Octagon Barrel Rifle;
Model 1892 38-55 WCF cal. 24” Round Barrel Rifle;
Model 1892 44-40 WCF cal. 24” Octagon Barrel Lever Rifle, Brass Tack Buttstock;
Model 1894 SRC 30 WCF cal. Lever Carbine;
Model 1894 SRC 30 WCF cal. Lever Carbine, Folding Rear Ladder Sight;
Model 1894 30 WCF cal. Octagon Barrel Lever Rifle, 3-Leaf Folding Rear Sight;
Model 1894 30 WCF cal. Octagon Barrel Lever Rifle, Buckhorn Rear Sight;
Model 1894 30 WCF cal. 26” Octagon Barrel Lever Rifle, 2-Leaf Folding Rear Sight;
Model 63 22LR cal. Semi-Auto Rifle, Refinished Stock;
Model 70 300 WSM Bolt Rifle, Composite/Blued, Like New;
Model 70 300 Win Mag cal. Bolt Rifle, Blued/Wood, test fired only, like new;
Model 94 “Theo. Roosevelt Commemorative” 30-30cal. Octagonal Barrel Lever Rifle, unfired:
Model US Rifle M-14 7.62x 51cal. Semi-Auto Rifle, good condition, nice bore;
Model 67 22LR cal. Bolt Single Shot Rifle;

Remington: Model 700 BDL 22-250 cal. Trued Action, Stainless Bull Barrel w/Brake, McMillan Fiberglass Stock, 1 ½ pound Trigger, Leupold VX-III 6.5x20 Scope, “One Hole All Day Long”;
Model 1100 12ga 3” Magnum Semi-Auto Shotgun, Modified Choke (.715”);
Model 1100 12ga 3” Magnum Semi-Auto Shotgun, Full Choke;
Model 24 22LR cal. Semi-Auto Rifle;
Model 25 25-20cal. Slide Action Rifle, good bore;
Model 12 22 S,L&LR cal. Slide Action Rifle;
Model 8 30 Rem cal. Semi-Auto Rifle;
Model 870 Wingmaster 12ga Pump w/28” VR Bbl & 28” Plain Bbl;
Model 870 Wingmaster 12ga. pump, 28” Full Choke;

Browning Citori 12ga 3” Magnum, 30” Barrels, Invector Plus Choke System w/Carlson Stainless Extended Choke Tubes (Skeet & Imp. Cyl.) Nice!
Belgium Browning Auto 5 12ga Mag Semi-Auto Shotgun, 30” Vent Rib Barrel, Full Choke;
Browning Auto 5 12ga “Magnum Twelve” Semi-Auto Shotgun, 30” Vent Rib Barrel, Invector Special Steel Choke System;
Browning Auto 5 20ga “Magnum Twenty” Semi-Auto Shotgun, 28” Vent Rib Barrel, Invector Special Steel Choke System;

Ruger: Mini 14 .223cal. Stainless/Composite Semi-Auto Ranch Rifle, scope base, 5-round & 20-round mags, new;
Mini 14 .223cal. Wood/Blued Semi-Auto Ranch Rifle, Tasco 3-9x40 Scope, test fired only;
Mini 30 7.62x39 cal. Semi-Auto Rifle w/Simmons Pro-Hunter 3-9x40 WA Scope & Sling, like new;
Model 10/22 22LR cal. semi-auto rifle;

Tikka Model M695 338 Win Mag cal. Bolt Repeater, Detachable Box Magazine, Unfired;

Weatherby: Centurion II “Ducks Unlimited” 12ga. 3” Mag Semi-Auto, New & Unfired;

Sig Sauer: 556 “SWAT Patrol” 5.56 NATO semi-auto rifle, 16” Bbl, tactical sling, hand grip bipod, (2) 30-round mags, (2) 10-round mags, like new;

H&K: Model 416 22LR cal. semi-auto rifle, 16.1” Bbl., (3) 20-round mags, NIB;

Marlin: Marlin Model 1895G 45-70cal. Lever “Guide Gun”;
Glenfield Model 60 22LR cal. Semi-Auto Rifle w/1.5-4.5x Scope;
Glenfield Model 20 22cal. bolt repeater w/detachable mag.;
Model 55 “The Original Goose Gun” 12ga Bolt w/detachable mag.;
Marlin Model 80 22LR cal. Bolt Repeater w/Detachable Magazine;

Mossberg: Model 185D 20ga. 2 ¾” Bolt Shotgun; Model 46B 22 S,L&LR cal. bolt repeater

Savage: Model 340-C 222 Remington cal. Bolt Repeater w/Detachable Mag & Scope Mount;

Stevens Model 820B 12ga. Pump Shotgun, Modified Choke (.715”);
Stevens Model 59B 410 bore 2 ¾” – 3” Mag Bolt Repeater, X-Full Choke (.389”);
Visible Loader 22LR cal. Slide Action Rifle;
J. Stevens 12ga. Top Break Single Shot;
Model 52012ga. Slide Action Shotgun;
No. 14 ½ Little Scout 22cal. Rolling Block Single Shot Rifle;

Henry: Model H001 22Lr cal. Lever Rifle, tube feed, blued, New In Box;

Thompson Center:
T/C Contender 223cal. Super 14” Bull Barrel w/Scope Mount Single Shot Pistol, Also 44 Mag & 35 Remington Super 14” Bull Barrels;
T/C Contender 357 Mag cal. 10” Octagon Barrel Single Shot Pistol w/2.5X EER Pistol Scope & Pachmayr Grips;

Antique Handguns: National Arms Daniel Moore Front Loading 32cal. “Teat Fire” 5-shot Boot Pistol: Moore 41cal. Rimfire Short Derringer; Brooklyn Arms Slocum “Side Loading” 32cal. Revolver; Colt1877 Lightning, early etched panel model 38 Long Colt cal. Revolver; S&W Model 1 ½ 32cal. Top Break Revolver; Remington “Elliot’s Patn” 32cal. D.A. Ring Trigger Derringer, Pearl Grips & Engraved; C. Sharps 4-Barrel 22 Short Only Derringer, Rotating Firing Pin;

Pistols: Remington Model XP-100 .223 Remington cal. Single Shot Pistol w/Leupold 2.5-8X EER Pistol Scope;
Smith & Wesson Performance Center Shield 45ACP, Ported 3.75” Bbl., w/(6) Mags, LNIB;
Ruger P85 MKIIR 9mm Semi-Auto DA-SA Pistol, ambidextrous safety & mag release, (3) 10-round mags & (1) 21-round mag w/hard Case & Manual;
Sig Sauer P-938-9 9mm “We The People” Distressed Finish, 3” Bbl. w/(2) Holsters;
Glock 29SF Compact Model 10mm, w/(4) 10 round mags & (2) holsters, NIB;
SCCY Industries Model CPX-1 9mm Semi-Auto, NIB;
Taurus 709 Slim 9mm Semi-Auto;
Waffenfabrik Mauser 7.65 cal. Semi-Auto;
French 7.65 cal.1935 Semi-Auto;
Hi-Point 9mm Semi-Auto, unfired, NIB;

Springfield Armory USA, XD-9mm Semi-Auto;
Smith and Wesson M&P Bodyguard 380ACP w/Crimson Trace Semi-Auto;
Sturm Ruger and Co. P-89 9mm Semi-Auto;
Colt Mustang XSP 380ACP Semi-Auto;
Kimber Solo CDP 9mm Semi-Auto;

Revolvers: Smith & Wesson Stainless Model 500 500 S&Wcal. D.A. Revolver, Leupold 2X EER Pistol Scope, Like New;
Smith & Wesson Model 29-3 44 Mag D.A. Revolver, 10 ½” Barrel, Leupold 2X EER Pistol Scope & Pachmayr Grips;
Smith & Wesson 629-6 Deluxe 44 Mag D.A. Revolver, 6 ½” Barrel N.I.B. w/Hunter Holster;
Smith & Wesson 648-2 Stainless 22 WMR 6” Barrel, N.I.B. w/Holster;
Ruger Stainless Super Redhawk 44 Mag cal. D.A. 7 ½” Barrel, Scope Mounts, Hard Case & Manual;
Ruger Stainless Super Redhawk 44 Mag cal. D.A. 7 ½” Barrel, Scope Mounts, Hard Case;

Military Firearms: Universal M1 Carbine Caliber 30 Semi-Auto Rifle w/15 round mag & scope base; (4) 30-round M1 mags;
U.S Carbine M1 30cal. Semi-Auto Rifle; Several M1 mags;
Lee Enfield #4 Carbine 303 British cal. bolt rifle;
SKS 7.62x39 cal Semi-Auto Rifle, wood stock, Bayonet & Sling;
SKS 7.62x39 cal Semi-Auto Rifle, wood stock;
Yugoslavian 8MM Mauser bolt rifle w/1.5-4.5 scope;
Chinese 1953 7.65x59mm bolt rifle w/bayonet;

Other Firearms: Stoeger Outback Condor I 20ga. 3”mag stainless O/U shotgun w/choke tubes; Ithaca Deerslayer Model 87 Featherlight 12ga. 3” mag. Slide Action slug gun; Action Brand French 12ga 3” Magnum Pump Shotgun, 28” Barrel; Hembrug 1921 6.5x53mm bolt rifle, 18’ bbl;
JC Higgins Model 20 12ga Pump Shotgun, Adjustable Compensator/Choke; JC Higgins 103.18 22LR cal. Single Shot Rifle; Central Arms 410 bore 3” Single Shot; Iver Johnson 12ga. Double Barrel Shotgun; Zayre 20ga. Top Break Single Shot;

Black Powder: Traditions Kentucky 50cal. Percussion Pistol, 10” blued Bbl., select walnut stock, NIB;

Optics: Guide Gear 3-12x Rifle Scope w/mounts; Bushnell 9-30x40 Spotting Scope; Bushnell & Jayson 10x50 Binoculars; Bushnell 3-9x rifle scope;

Reloading: RCBS 3-Die Carbon Set 44Mag/44 Spl.; (3) Boxes Speer 44 cal. 2210gr. Gold Dot HP; (100) Hornady 44 Mag brass, new; (2 bags, 100/ea.) Winchester 223cal. brass; RCBS 7mm RUM neck die set; RCBS S&W 500 3-Die Carbide Set; (77) Barnes .500 275gr. XPB bullets; New S&W 500 Brass;
Sierra & Hornady .224 Bullets; RCBS 338 Win Mag FL Die Set & 458 Win Mag 3-Die Carbide Set;
(644) .223 once fired brass, mostly Hornady;

Ammo: (5000) Federal High Velocity 22LR; (950+) Herter’s 7.62x39 122gr FMJ; (220+) 300 Win Mag.; 338 Win Mag.; 20 & 12ga.; Remington 525 pack 22 LR; (45) Winchester 44 Rem Mag.240gr JSP; (44) Hornady .223cal. 55gr Spitzer; (137) .223 50gr Blitz King reloads; (100) 222 Rem.; (200) 38 Spl.; 338 Win Mag.; 35 Rem.; 25-06; Collector: Remington Kleen Bore 32 S&W 88gr Lead Ammo; TC Contender 44cal. Hot Shot Ammo in Original Box; Metal ammo can & (8) 20-round boxes of 7.62x51;

Related: (10) 30-round AR15 mags. (1) 10-round mag.; UTG Camo AR carry case, New;
Marbles Wood/Brass Jointed Rifle Cleaning Rod Kit w/Original Canvas Pouch, Jag & Brush;
Gitzo Gear Bag; Klein Tool Belt; Daisy Powerline 880 Air Rifle;
(2) Johnny Stewart game calling systems & tapes; Thompson Center tooled-leather scabbard; Variety of knives, incl Schrade, Buck, S&W, etc; Selection of vintage wood spearing decoys; Wood duck decoys; 1993 Hamm’s collector Grizzly & Brown bear mirrors; Large framed Ruffed Grouse & Elk signed prints; Propane Turkey cooker set; Inflatable turkey decoy set, NIB;
Knives: US 1917 Trench Knife; Marbles V42 Dagger; Winchester Shot Shell Knife; Buck 422 Folding & 121 Sheath; Robert Klass w/sheath; Browning folding saw;

Archery/Air Guns: Bear “Little Brave” Bow; Bear “Grizzly” 45# Recurve Bow; Cobra Bow Sights;

Spearing: Randall Deluxe 7-Tine Spear; Lawrence Bethel “Trout” “Northern” & “Bluegill” spearing decoys;

Collectables: Rare, “Jack Daniels Country Cocktails” General Store Wooden Whiskey Display Rack, Nice!
(12) Johnson Flat Canadian Goose Decoys; (13) Carrylite, JC Higgins & Victor Duck Decoys; Scotch Goose & Duck Calls; Winchester Heart Shaped Padlock w/key; Civil War Style Handcuffs w/key; (2) Swords w/ sheaths; (2) Western Hats;

Dave: 218-280-9796

Sponsored by the
Osage Sportsmans Club
Call Dave About Membership

Note: All Federal & State Regulations apply. Our firearm auctions are conducted under a Federal Firearms License. Please bring your photo ID, pistol permit or FFL.
You will be required to fill out Federal form 4473 to purchase a firearm. Sales Tax Applies;

Terms: Cash, good check w/photo ID, Discover, Visa or Mastercard with terminal fee.
Register for bidding number with driver’s license.

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