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September Gun Auction  -  Live Auction

Starts: Sun, Sep 19 at 10:30 AM US/Central

Location: Detroit Lakes, MN Holiday Inn, 1155 Hwy 10 East.
Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Auction Starts at 10:30am
Preview 10am - Guns sell approx. 12:30pm.

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or Call Dave at 218-280-9796.

This auction will include firearms from private collectors & several local estates.

Partial List Only - Additional consignments daily, watch for updates at

New Consignments:
Kel-Tec PMR-30 22WMR semi-auto w/hard case;

Ruger Model 77 338 Win Mag bolt rifle w/tang safety, walnut stock & muzzle brake;
Ruger Model 77 25-05 cal. bolt rifle w/tang safety, glass bedded barrel, Bosch & Lomb Balvar 6-24x Tactical scope w/sunscreen, like new;
Remington Model 1100 12ga. semi-auto shotgun;
Winchester Model 70 Ranger Youth 308cal. bolt rifle w/3-9x Simmons scope & sling;
Remington Model 12 22 LR pump rifle;
Remington Model 241 Speedmaster 22 LR semi-auto rifle;
Remington Model 40 22LR semi-auto rifle;
Savage British Enfield “US Property 1942” 303 Brit bolt rifle;
Ithaca Model 37 12ga. pump shotgun, modified choke;
Remington Model 7 7mm-08cal. bolt rifle, hardwood stock, rings & sights;
Federal Arms FA 91 308cal. semi-auto rifle;
Henry H01SB20 20ga. single shot shotgun;
Rossi SS Poly 410 bore single shot shotgun;
Armscorp AK-22 22LR semi-auto rifle;
J.C. Higgins Model 20 12ga. pump shotgun;
Ithaca Model XS 22LR semi-auto rifle;
Marlin 1893 30-30cal. lever rifle w/Octagon barrel, nice & original;
Marlin 1895 45-70cal. lever carbine, new & unfired;
Browning Auto 5 12ga. semi-auto shotgun, s/n B36632;
Henry Lever action 410 shotgun, model HOISX, 2 ½” chamber, NIB;
Ruger early model Vaquero 45 Long Colt cal. S.A, revolver, bird’s head white grips;
Marlin Model MR-7 270 Win cal. bolt rifle w/Burris 3-9x scope, LNWB,
fired less than 40 rounds, owner’s manual, Warranty & registration cards. Mfg. 1997;
J.C. Higgins 12ga top break single shot;
Traditions 31cal. percussion Derringer;
Flintlock B.P. Muzzleloader, custom made, octagon barrel, tooled metal accents;
12ga. Percussion cap B.P. shotgun w/Half Octagon Barrel;
44 cal. percussion B.P. pistol
Leupold Vari-X III 3.5-10x rifle scope, matte finish, NIB;

Winchester: Rare, Liège Belgian copy of the Henry Winchester Rifle Model 1873 44-40body cal. lever rifle, meant for use in the Congo Free State. (Click on the “Documents” tab to read the full story).
Model 94 (Pre-64) 32 Win Spl cal lever carbine, 20” barrel, mfg. 1942;
Winchester Model 42 410 bore pump shotgun, 26” plain barrel, full choke, 3” chamber, 1942 production;
Winchester Model 1911 SL 12ga. semi-auto shotgun;
(2) Winchester Model 25 12ga pump shotgun;
Winchester Model 37 20ga. single shot;
Winchester Model 1300 12ga Magnum pump shotgun, vent rib, (3) choke tubes;
Winchester Model 1300 12ga. Magnum pump shotgun w/21 ½” rifles slug barrel, Simmons 2.5x20x scope, sling;
Winchester Model 190 22LR cal. semi-auto rifle;

Remington: Model 700 Classic 300 WBY Mag bolt rifle, New in Box;
Model 700 Classic 7mm WBY Mag bolt rifle, New in Box;
Model 870 Magnum 12ga pump shotgun;
Sportsman 16ga. semi-auto shotgun, 26” solid rib barrel w/Poly Choke;

Browning: A-Bolt Stainless Stalker 280 Rem cal bolt rifle w/Burris extended scope rings;

Christensen Arms: Model 14 Mesa 6.5 Creedmoor cal. bolt rifle w/ muzzle brake, threaded barrel & thread protector, Like New w/Box;
Tikka: Model T3X CTR 6.5 Creedmoor cal. bolt rifle, stainless semi-heavy threaded barrel, 10-shot steel magazine, black modular synthetic stock, picatinny rail, Teflon trigger, Like New w/box;
Ruger: Model M77 243cal. bolt rifle w/Leupold VX-II 2-7x scope;
Model M77 243cal. bolt rifle w/Nikon 3-7x40 scope;
Model M77 243cal. Bolt Rifle w/Leupold 2-7x scope;
Smith & Wesson: Model 3000 Defender 12ga. pump shotgun;
Beretta: Model A 303 12ga. semi-auto shotgun w/choke tube;
Marlin: Model 19-S 12ga. pump shotgun;
Stevens: Premier 22 S,L or LR cal slide action rifle;
Top Break single shot 410 bore shotgun;
Historic Military Firearms: H&R M1 Garand 30-06cal. semi-auto battle rifle, Korean War production. H&R models were known for their superior barrels;

Pistols: Ruger SR-45 45ACP cal. semi-auto pistol w/2 mags;
Smith & Wesson Shield 380cal. semi-auto pistol w/3 mags;
Ruger MK III Hunter 22LR semi-auto pistol w/case & 2 mags;
Ruger MK III 22LR semi-auto pistol w/case & 2 mags;
Browning Challenger II 22LR semi-auto pistol w/Hunter leather holster;
IMR (Croatia) 9mm semi-auto pistol;

Revolvers: Ruger Vaquero 45 LC “Ducks Unlimited 75 Year Commemorative Revolver” w/oak display case;
Super Redhawk Stainless 44 Mag D.A. Revolver, 9 ½” barrel, Hogue over molded grips, original grips, scope rings & leather holster; *also available: Uncle Mike’s nylon shoulder holster, (2) speed loaders, 132 rounds of ammo, 50 rounds of brass & aluminum locking pistol case;
H&R Young America 32cal. D.A. revolver;

Black Powder: CVA Kodiak Magnum 50cal. In-Line ignition B.P. Rifle, like new;
Armsport Brand Hawken style 54 cal. percussion rifle w/28” custom hard chrome barrel;
Jukar 50 cal. Percussion B.P. Rifle w/Brass Tacks;

Optics: Leupold VX-II 3-9x Matte Finish, Duplex reticle rifle scope; More!

Reloading: RCBS Dies including: 17 Rem (2-Die FL set); 222 Rem (Neck & FL 3-Die set); 308 Win (Neck 2-Die set); 257 WBY (2-Die FL set); 7mm Rem Mag (Neck & FL 3-Die set); 30-06 (Neck 2-Die set); 30-06 (FL 2-Die set;

Ammo: 12ga. shot & slug ammo; 32 Win Spl ammo; More!

Dave: 218-280-9796

Sponsored by the
Osage Sportsmans Club
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Note: All Federal & State Regulations apply. Our firearm auctions are conducted under a Federal Firearms License. Please bring your photo ID, pistol permit or FFL.
You will be required to fill out Federal form 4473 to purchase a firearm. Sales Tax Applies;

Terms: Cash, good check w/photo ID, Discover, Visa or Mastercard with terminal fee.
Register for bidding number with driver’s license.

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Winchester 1873 Document


Belgian 1873 Winchester


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